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chatalternativeonline.page.hr provides website features and services when you visit our website, use our chat rooms @-chatalternativeonline.page.hr, use our applications for mobile, or use software provided by our company -chatalternativeonline.page.hr- in connection with any of the services. Do not use (-chatalternativeonline.page.hr-) if you do not agree to the Terms of Use described below. Your use of our website means you agree to these Terms of Use @-chatalternativeonline.page.hr-.

Our company chatalternativeonline.page.hr provides the Services subject to the following conditions:

You must be at least 13 years old to use our website chatalternativeonline.page.hr. You cant be older than 19 years of age.

Our website -chatalternativeonline.page.hr- can be used in any country in the World provided you are able to connect. Some countries at chatalternativeonline.page.hr have been known to block this website for whatever reason.

-chatalternativeonline.page.hr-terms-of-use- You are solely responsible for protecting your own account passwords @-chatalternativeonline.page.hr- and other account information you have provided to us including forum registration.

We @-chatalternativeonline.page.hr- reserve the right to use your IP address when working with law enforcement agencies. (-chatalternativeonline.page.hr-terms-) This includes crimes such as exploiting, hacking, grooming minors, and spamming.

Again, do not use chatalternativeonline.page.hr if you do not agree to the Terms of Use described above. Your use of our website -chatalternativeonline.page.hr -means you agree to these Terms of Use.

We reserve the right, at our  (-chatalternativeonline.page.hr-) sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time. Please report any violations of our -chatalternativeonline.page.hr-Terms of Use to us using our contact page.

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